Why choose us?

We provide a premium OTT service that separates us from the competition.

The largest inventory

We have partnered with Zyp Media who is the largest buyer of OTT inventory in the country. we are able to access the five largest OTT exchanges: SpotX, AOL, Freewheel, Telaria, and DoubleClick. By tapping into multiple exchanges, we’re able to claim the quality inventory best suited for your target audience.

Non-Skippable Ads

90%+ video completion rates.

95%+ Spot Delivery on Connected Smart TVs!

Other OTT providers offer a mix of inventory on various devices(like mobile, desktop, and tablets) which lowers the engagement rate and effectiveness of the ads.


OTT is a brand safe environment for all advertisers

Full-Spectrum, white glove support

There’s a dedicated team for each campaign whose sole purpose is to work behind the scenes to ensure the best possible outcome for their marketing

Client OTT Dashboard

Check in on your campaigns in real time instead of on a weekly or monthly basis